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Money Links


The psychology of money - collaborative fund</a> [Long read]</li> Psychologist explains how to budget better Worst financial advice ever [268 comments]

Software/ tools

"Simple budget for lazy people (like me)" Financier.io - free + paid version YNAB - website/app (costs $84/yr)


Consumer Financial Protection Bureau The Credit Score Quiz Financial Fitness Association Financial Beginnings Oregon - Jump$tart Coalition Paychecks and Balances Wealth Noir

Finance Blogs, etc

Bitches Get Riches Financial Independence by Investing, Minimalism & Mindfulness


Payday Loan Alternatives

about Payday Alternative Loans

Your local credit union may offer a loan that would help in the sorts of situations where you'd otherwise look at a Payday Loan. You may want to look for "unsecured personal loans," "mini loans," "paycheck loans" and other, similar names. If you're not sure, call your credit union and ask!

There are also special payday alternatives specifically aimed at military members:

Payday Alternative Loan Air Force Falcon Loans Quick Assist Loans (QALs) Quick Loan Process

Homebuying & Home Ownership

The Beginner's Guide to Buying a House How to Find the Cheapest Mortgage Portland Housing Center Oregon Housing and Community Services DevNW

(These are services in my area, but you may be able to find similar ones from your government.)

Non-Traditional Home Financing

It can be very challenging to finance alternative housing options, but there are a few options out there.

LightStream offers tiny house funding Tiny Home Financing This is an example of a Floating Home Loan

Many lenders have restrictions about whether RV loans can be used for other types of tiny homes, or even if they can be used for RVs that will be your primary residence. It may be worth asking in advance if you're concerned it will cause issues during the financing process, especially if your current housing expenses take up a significant amount of your budget.

Unusual Loans

Other specific loan options may be offered by local banks and credit unions to meet the needs of your area. For example, here in portland you can get a bicycle loan at several local financial institutions, in addition to the more common motorcycle and vehicle loans.

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