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At first I didn't want to have a general links page, because I felt like I'd be linking either to obvious things or to the same things everyone else links to, but as I've been looking around the smallweb I have seen reflections on the importance of curation versus algorhythmic discovery. Yes, some of the sites and resources I like to recommend are popular and you'll find them linked elsewhere, but this serves as a list of places I recommend, so it says something about me as well as about the sites.

What Is the Small Web?

Given how hard it is for small content creators to get attention without spending all their time and effort trying to court the algorhythm like they're minor nobility at Cinderella's ball, the curation of links and blogrolls, sharing and making things you've enjoyed easily found, is probably as important as content creation when it comes to making the small web a better place. Rather than currying favor with those who have more power than you, why not spend your time with equals, discussing your projects and exchanging recommendations?

If you're curious, by the way, my feedreader/blogroll is part of my reading page on Dreamwidth.


My other link recommendations are below and sprinkled throughout my site where they're relevant.

Other Places to Find Me

https://cjackdaw.itch.io https://www.pinterest.com/copperfirebird https://dwarvenpunk.com

Link to Me



These are the kinds of sites that make me want to work on my website. My site may not look much like any of them, but they're what I looked at when I was thinking that I wanted to get back to having a personal website again.

Marijn maya.land Ritual Dust Ocean Waves Novov Fencraft Mzna Sadgrl Digital Diarist Bikobatanari
Chaos Matrix Cyberoccultism DIY Witchery Fencraft Folklore Resistance Knight of Swords Rhapsodia Ritual Dust Seeking: steps on a witch's path The Cauldron , the Last Forum Standing for pagans, as far as I've found


Homeromanteion Sapphomanteion


Arcane Archive Golden Elixir Hermetics Resource Site Internet Sacred Texts Archive Solarpunk Links Delovely the HTML Review Metaparadox Rhune Starbreaker Zine Libraries 101 Zine World

Web Novels

ComradeMao Exiled Rebels ISOTLS JPMTL the Last Lady of Lună Liu Yao NovelMao Royal Road Sha Po Lang Vermillion Bird Faeriepunk Nefaerien MayVaneDay Dead End Shrine

Antisocial Media

Amazon Pamphlet

a collection of resources for moving outside of the Amazon ecosystem.

De-google-ify Internet Ethical.net

a directory of alternatives for people looking to move away from unethical companies.

Fuck Off Google Let's Decentralize

collects alternatives for those who want to move away from the clear internet altogether.

Quit Social Media Radical Servers

a directory from riseup.net of radical server projects.

Social Cooling

"If you feel you are being watched, you change your behavior. Big Data is supercharging this effect."


Security Checklist

Here's a good checklist for your online activities.

Riseup's Security

a great overview of a variety of security concerns.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Online Anonymity

own your data

is an indieweb principle, that your content should not live only in the cloud or in a social media silo but on a site you control. I love the idea of local-first but I'm also frustrated because I don't have somewhere to host my "local" right now-I do have a desktop computer I can use for file storage but I'm not yet running my own servers or the like. I do try my best to “own my data” and I have a domain name that I intend to be permanent, though I’m also a bit on the flighty side and tend to change domain names every few years.

On Setting Up a Raspberry Pi 2 as Off-grid Server How to Host Your Own Website at Home for $2 a Year Local-first software: You own your data, in spite of the cloud IndieWeb: Own Your Data Always Own Your Platform NYC Mesh Docs Adafruit Digital Free Library sizeof(cat) has a lot more links along these lines A Friendly Introduction to the Fediverse

Website Resources

Making Websites

Quick and Easy Website Guide Codesharing Eggramen HTML 5up! Web Zine 01

Finding Art

Smithsonian Open Access (Te Papa Tongarewa Museum of New Zealand) Open Access at the National Gallery of Art Pexels Life of Pix The Noun Project Strangeling Public Domain Art

Generating Art

Deep Dream Generator Neural Blender Wombo Dream Artflow

Art Resources

The Best Masterpost Adorkastock Pose Webapp How To Draw Black People part one: color How To Draw Black People part two: naturally kinky/curly hair How To Draw Black People part three: protective hairstyles Natural Black Hair Tutorial Curly Hair Tutorial Portraying Mixed People Drawing Asian People Drawing East Asian Faces Historical Chinese Clothing (and more) Resources

Bookbinding Resources

Simplified Bookbinding Tutorials

Writing Resources

Worldbuilding: Religion Design Creating God and Religion in Fantasy How Does Trauma Affect Immortal Characters? Trope Talk: Immortals

Haven't figured out where to categorize these yet

Cyber Arcadia Cyberdeck Cafe Gwern Branwen Philosopher.life Erzadel.net The World of Playing Cards Bundle Browser

a useful resource if you've bought one or more charity bundles on itch.io- it lets you search, browse and see which bundles a game is in.

Awesome Lists

a collection of collections on github, where you can find guides to pretty much anything

A Tentative Definition of Kudzupunk

"My head churns full of southern gothic, of solarpunk, of Afrofuturism, of cyberpunk. I see it expanding ever outward, an irresistible transformation. The despairing let the Green swallow them up. A few fight back, armed with goats or flamethrowers, dedicating themselves controlling a patch of earth. Many adapt, slowly and variously. And some… some embrace it, merging biology and technology."

A Guide to Living in Interesting Times

"Whatever you call them, here we are. Beginning the third year of the worst pandemic in a century with no end in sight and no agreement on how to proceed. Regressive politics in much of the country and much of the world. Supply chain disruptions and the worst inflation in 40 years... And for those of us who pay attention to such things, an increase in the currents of magic. That creates its own peculiar set of interesting times."

Cheapskate's Guide to Computers and the Internet

has a ton of articles on different technologies and experiments.


"...My work here is about creating a stable foundation of technology that is reliable, understandable, and practical for an individual to build for themselves."

Open Source Low Tech

"I prototype and develop basic technologies which anyone can make using recycled materials and simple tools."


turns MasterClass classes into articles in the style of WikiHow.

Web Directories, Link Collections and Bespoke Search Engines

Are you not entertained? Do you need yet more links? Well here's a bunch of links to find more links! Go forth and find your rabbit hole!

Big List of Personal Websites Blogroll Curlie Feldot The Forest Gossip's Web Indieseek Indie Web Directory Kev Quirk's Blogroll Marginalia Neonauticon Web Directory OMGLORD Peelo Paalu Search My Site Special Fish Wiby 1mb Club 512kb Club
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