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Fog Grey

Blanket of Fog

down the valley grows the greenest grass

but you'd never know it at dawn

the fog swims upriver like salmon

taking apart the view into fuzzy shapes

and then nothingness far as I can see

the big river keeps her secrets

takes everyone else's, gives nothing back

til the fog burns off

taking old stories with it

leaving fresh green growth behind

Rolling Thunder

her hips swinging

footsteps ringing on stone

like distant thunder

humming in her throat

Flash of Lightning

In the dark I couldn't see myself

A relief, to hide with the shades down

from the pounding in my head,

to remove my steel-boned armor

and release the charms and still feel

like I am myself without them.

Xe is lightning crashing,

startling me like a slamming door

and for a second I am sure xe sees me

as light flashes and flees.

The image of hir is fixed on my eyes

so xe seems impossibly far, still,

when hir fingers trace my jaw.

They go still, almost trembling.

Now, naked and fearless,

it is my turn to strike.

Clear Blue Sky

not even a hazy shape

allowed to drape sideways

no birds mistaken for

the one I've forsaken

the empty sky looms blue

as kingfisher plumes

forgotten as clouds left

behind, bereft as shrouds

Furious Rain

I closed eyes I should not have; night fell

I felt weighed down, tired, my fight fell

What's lost can't be spoken in mere sounds

No breath or heartbeat as midnight fell

That self abandoned for survival

Too quick as the meteorite fell

The higher perfection of home lost

To petty grasping as my sight fell

None would come close to rescue us here

The would not recognize how spite fell

Ichor has become ink and sweet words

On the page where my candlelight fell

You curse me, Chenek, without knowing

How long and far I, from that height, fell

Raging Winds

I fell once

I still fall in my dreams

I wake up gripping my sheets so tight

I might as well have rope burns

I'm still falling

I'm not sure when

I'm grabbing at handholds or if

I'm only falling faster

I've fallen

I've no good explanation

I've only got crutches and goals

I've made that enough

Withering Drought

The sun has baked this shore into glass shards streaked with red footprints

Slowly the bay fled back into safer depths where darkness falls

I cannot wake from this endless day; I do not remember night

Wave of Heat

pages gone

brittle, flake apart

as kindling

ready to

go up; watch one potential

become another

Nip of Frost

frost on a teacup

gently swirling among leaves

in a window's sun

Winter Chill

my grandfather disapproves of many things

with a raised finger and intake of breath

and eyes like an early frost

when you haven't brought in the tomatoes

he does not care for:

lax cleaning standards

incorrect measurements

the limitations of an aging body

the stiffness brought on by winter mornings

substitutions in alchemical formulae

mistakes made at two am

when time is short and

it's none of his business anyway

cold tea

free verse poetry

and disrespectful responses to assignments

Pounding Typhoon

a sky in sickly green

clouds gathering to spread rumors

iron tongue in my mouth

the wind shouts past me; I won't move

pale blossoms will collapse

under the driving sheets of rain

remaining carved in stone,

I will not move, though the best try

Fast as a Tornado

a flood comes slowly, taking a handspan and then another

gains momentum and before you realize your toes are wet

there's hands grabbing you down into the dark waters

a tornado comes fast, but time stops when it touches down

everything you know flies away from you in splinters

you watch it crumble but you can't move to stop it

a blizzard can't make up its mind, creeping in until you blink

it's so white you don't know you've opened your eyes

the road is gone; home is gone; warmth is gone too

Earthquake Weather

sky so red I can only see it with one eye

silence thicker than a power failure

the view from here is higher than I've been in years

I used to climb trees and think

I was so terribly clever because no one looked up

but looking down just gets you a sore neck

my battery blinks low as the light fades

I'm draining everything I've got to stay a step ahead

there's no charging sockets here, too dangerous

shadows on the window remind me there are people above me

the glass vibrates with their footsteps

the hair on the back of my neck is standing

when I was in the trees I never looked up either

Cool Mist

condensation on a glass

ice melting in a cravasse

misty morning wet with dew

relief comes from touching you

Wall of Humidity

this time of year it's too damp

for the forge to dry the air

his sweat hangs on his skin

he shakes like he's throwing something off

hammers like he's nailing demons to the floor

pumps the bellows like they're his lungs

I can't breathe for him

I bring sun tea and lunch

gentle reminders of limits

I worry one day he'll throw those off too

then he'll be lost to me

like any other djinn or angel

with a fiery heart and no earth

to ground him in the Lady's chapel

or my garden or his forge

or my arms or his fears

I control my own breath

as long as the anvil rings his heartbeat

I can stay beside him

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