Hi, I'm Jackdaw! I'm a sympathizing order muppet, writer, remaker and pagan. I believe in hope, hearth, and fixing as much shit as I can from down here in the mines. I write about everything from practical hearth magic to fictional reconstruction and chaos magic, and from poetry to superhero fiction.

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๐Ÿœ‚ [ Magic ]

Dustland Fairytale

a summary of my how my flavor of paganism works


the practical magic of home


thoughts on the Ironwoods and what it means to be from them

On Fate

my understanding via fictional reconstruction

On Firebirds

from my experiences working with various firebird energies

The Library

the place I spend the most time elsewhere

Theos Logos

meditations on the idea that writing is sacred

Calling on Pop Culture Archetypes

archetypes don't need to be ancient to be relevant


daily prayers and other devotional offerings


my experience working with the forge god

๐Ÿœ [ Poetry ]

The Thrift Shop At the End of the Universe The House of Kairos/The Work of Chronos Red Sky in the Morning Fog Grey City Map Characterization Sick of Shadows

๐Ÿœ‚ [ Stories ]


Garciaโ€™s been quietly building her practice as a freelance supernatural troubleshooter in Phoenix for years, and is almost ready to break into full-time if she can just deal with a thief, a library ghost, man-eating mermaids and her own relationship issues.

The Heart Is Deceitful

It's 1972, and Dan McCarthy is trying his damnedest to dodge the draft, the Department of Superhuman Affairs, and his ex-girlfriend, but all three keep coming back to haunt him.

Antimony and Lead

The world ended weeks ago and Laceyโ€™s been cast out of the safe bunker she called home with her husband and sister-wives. Now sheโ€™s got to figure out where she should go and who she can trust to stay alive in post-apocalyptic Utah.

In Mercy's Shadow, Nothing Grows

Originally published in Imaginary Beasts

๐Ÿœƒ [ Zines ]

I started out with comics, drawn on notebook paper and meticulously photocopied at the library for distribution to a handful of kids I knew, mostly people whose thinly-disguised superhero characters made it into the stories. Within a few years I was making zines in high school, enjoying the opportunity they offered to be cool by proxy in the late 90s, because I was never going to be cool in the actual town I lived in. I was typing up terrible poetry on my lunch hour in the library or meticulously handwriting it so it was readable, writing little articles and essays. I made a couple of perzines inspired by the zines I was learn about online and send away for, mostly because I wanted to have something to trade with the immensely talented people I was mailing my well-hidden dollars to. My best friend and I published two issues of an underground newspaper until we got in hauled in front of the principal for (in retrospect, very mild) reporting. Eventually I discovered blogging and then livejournal, and I started posting my writing online instead, but every few years I get the itch to produce something that I could print and staple, if I wanted to.

Lately I've been thinking about zines again and there's a desire to make them that I haven't fully unpacked, nor have I been able to act on it yet. When and if I do, I want to share them. In the meantime, I'd been looking for a good place to share some of my older projects and I think I've finally found one via discovering Zine Jams on


Brainflowers is a zine I made in 2011, following a long year of physical and mental health issues. It was a series of essays that marked the first time I really sat down and gave thought to my gender and my relationship with my body, and marked an important step in my transition even though, at the time, I had no belief I would be able to physically transition in the future.

the Merciful Earth

the Merciful Earth is a bit more of a booklet than a zine, clocking in at 66 half-size pages. It's a compilation of poems and prayers and storylets I wrote for a goddess, and it was both intensely personal and the first thing I actively, intentionally published in a long time. I've never gotten it physically published but eventually I'd like to print and bind a copy for myself.

๐Ÿœ” [ Other ]

Paperwork and Why It Matters How I Read and Track my Reading Without Amazon Nostalgia, Freedom, Web 1.0, & why this site exists Dismantle Repair, My Blog Links

"A witch ought never to be frightened in the darkest forest... because she should be sure in her soul that the most terrifying thing in the forest was her." โ€“ Terry Pratchett, Wintersmith

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